• Executive Board

    Executive Director - Kim Medina

    Council President - Linda McPherson

    Treasurer - Larry Barton

    Secretary - Linda Bryant 

    Vice Presidents

    Carolyn Cox (Local 95)                

    Carmen Rivera (Local 107)

    Joan Morgan (Local 205)

    Lorraine Guest (Local 215)

    Carolyn Washington (Local 253)

    Margaret Glover (Local 389)

    Retirees Chapter

    Nancy Hudson

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    Visit www.afscme.org!
    Visit www.unionplus.org!
  • Workshop Registration Form

    Directions: (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.)
    Step 1 –Check the workshop(s) you want. Pre-registration is required. Admission is based on a first-come, first served basis.
    Step 2 – For Nonmembers submit a money order (no checks or cash accepted) for workshop(s) deposit(s).
    (Money orders are available at your bank or credit union, US Post Office or at a local check cashing company.)
    Step 3 – Make the Money Order payable to: DC 1707 Educational Corporation
    Step 4 – Complete the form below and submit a Money Order.
    to: DC 1707 Educational Corp., 420 West 45th Street, NY, NY 10036.
    Step 5 – You will receive a confirmation email upon registration.
    Questions? Call the Education Department at 212-219-0022.

    *FREE for DC 1707 members and $25 for Nonmembers. **Please note the payment changes in OSHA, Driving Defensively and CPR/First Aid. Call 212-219-0022 for any further questions.

    First name:
    Last Name:
    Email Address:
    Social Security Number (Last 4):
    Date of Birth:
    Contact Telephone:
    Violence Prevention Feb. 3rd 10am-12pm:
    Child Abuse Feb. 3rd 1-3pm:
    DASA Jan. 27th 9am-3:30pm:
    OSHA 10 Hours Dec. 11 &12.:
    CPR/FIRST AID Dec.9th 9am-3pm:
    Driving Defensively Feb 3, 2018 8:30AM:
    Safety in Food Handling Wed. Dec 13 1-4pm:
    Health & Safety for Custodians Wed. Dec. 13 10am-1pm
    Infectious Disease Thurs. Dec. 14th 10am-1pm:
    Infectious Disease Thurs. Dec. 14th 4pm-7pm:
    Infectious Disease:
    Infectious Disease:

  • District Council 1707, AFSCME

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